Leadership Bootcamps

Vida Divina loves to show its appreciation by rewarding its top leaders with an unforgettable leadership development experience when they reach a big milestone.

Rose Gold Event

Qualification: Paid As Rose Gold

Come visit our Home Office in beautiful Southern California! This exclusive training event is hosted by our CEO and our top Diamond Affiliates. You will receive life changing training and development that will take your business to the next level.

Pearl & Diamond Leadership Bootcamps

Qualification: Paid as Pearl or Diamond for 3 consecutive calendar months.

When you reach the ranks of Pearl & Diamond you've earned an exclusive invitation to an unforgettable experience. Each rank has its own bootcamp where you will be trained by the MLM Guru and CEO of Vida Divina Mr. Armand Puyolt. You will also have a chance to hear Vida Divina's top Diamond Affiliates train on what made them successful not only in Vida Divina but in their personal lives. Come brainstorm, celebrate, and bond with other Affiliates from around the world as you further your journey with Vida Divina.