Advanced Renewal Toner

Advanced Renewal Toner

Regenerative Skin Science

Radien with QXP Advanced Renewal Toner helps prepare the skin for treatment by removing impurities, tightening pores, and providing hydration.

Product Details

Radien with QXP Advanced Renewal Toner is Step #2 in preparing the face and neck. It tightens open pores, adding hydration to maintain elasticity and moisture when applied with our Day and Night Creams.

Our Advanced Renewal Toner reduces the appearance of large pores and helps protect and restore the epidermis from excess oils and grime, resulting in the skin appearing less oily, preventing acne created from bacteria that reside in open pores, and instantly retains the skin’s natural hydration.

Soaps and cleansers that are different from the pH level of your skin can lead to dryness, oiliness, or irritation. Using the Advanced Renewal toner helps rapidly restore the skin’s natural pH level; it can be used safely and effectively throughout the day without drying and irritation.

How to Use

Apply the Radien with QXP Advanced Renewal Toner by saturating a cotton pad and gently sweeping across the skin, working from the nose area and then up and out towards the forehead and hairline.

The effects of Radien are cumulative, and consistent daily use will reveal the most dramatic improvements to the appearance of the skin.

Advanced Renewal Toner


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