Our name is the very embodiment of who we are and what we strive to achieve in our lives, our families and our business. A healthy body, mind and financial freedom to experience and enjoy all the wonder and beauty that a Divine Life has to offer.



Our mission is to continuously improve our products to meet the needs of wellness and nutrition of our customers, allowing us to prosper as a business. We want to provide excellent commissions to our representatives, who are most important to our business, through our payment plan. We aim to allow our customers and representatives to live a DIVINE LIFE while working with our company.


We want to be a company that, in addition becoming the LARGEST PROVIDER OF ECONOMIC OPPORTUNITIES, raises the standards of high-quality products. We strive to be considered by our affiliates as their second home, where they feel valued and important  as members of this great family because of the love, respect, consideration and recognition given to them.


With Amand Puyolt’s amazing compensation plan and his wife’s gifted talent to help people with herbal remedies, they make the perfect team to create a company aimed at HEALTH AND SUCCESS. Vida Divina has been established with the well being of the distributors at bay and the concept that love is the true number one divine factor when it comes to leadership.