We are proud to present our STAR product. The unbeatable, classic, Chaga Capsules. Vida Divina® has a long term history with our Chaga capsules and has found it to be an incredible asset in our product line.

Dietary Supplement – 90 Capsules

$65 USD

What is Chaga?

Although it’s not much to look at, Chaga, or the “King of Medicinal Mushrooms” as some like to call it, is a very special medicinal mushroom that is gaining popularity in the west for its health benefits and appealing taste in the form of chaga tea. These benefits have long been known in the East, where Chaga has been used for centuries by people in Siberia, Russia and other parts of Asia.

Chaga mushroom is unlike anything else on Earth. Chaga mushroom is a dense powerhouse of vitamins, minerals, sterols, melanins, and especially antioxidants. Chaga mushroom has one of the highest volumes of antioxidants ever recorded. This extreme antioxidant quality makes the Chaga mushroom one of the most important commodities that can be used as an immune system enhancer. In fact, Chaga mushroom’s antioxidant properties make it one of the most perfect immune health supplements to be found on Earth.

Chaga mushroom helps promote a healthy immune system due to the amount and different types of antioxidants contained within. By breaking down the Chaga mushroom and extracting its constituents, it is possible to make a potent immune health concentrate that can be used daily to build your immune health potential.  That said, Chaga mushrooms should be utilized for your health and well being!


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Take one capsule twice daily

Siberian Chaga mushroom 500mg